Biggest Data Vault in Placemaking

The New AI-Driven Real Estate Landscape

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Enhanced decision making:
AI & human collaboration

Unlock billions in value by driving efficiency, accuracy,
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Deep-Dive Insights

People, places, and performance analytics with exclusive details.

Direct Consumer Knowledge

Real-time data on consumer behaviours and demographics.

Tailor-Made Data-Pool

Billions of data points available from the largest data vault in placemaking.

Constant Improvement

Evidence-based decision-making ensures real-time feedback and improvement.

Embedding ai-driven insights into the heart of strategic operations

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency,
ensure future growth

Site Audit

Discover the heartbeat of any urban space like a local expert. Dive into detailed data on people, places, and their interactions, uncovering everything from cultural vibes to business dynamics and community insights.


Feasibility and Strategy

Deep analysis of economics, social trends, and cultural currents builds a roadmap for maximum visitor/resident satisfaction, financial success and future readiness.


Design and Permitting

Discover the unique characteristics and heritage of the project's locale, ensuring the design amplifies the area's cultural ethos.


Leasing and Brand Integration

Identify the optimal mix of tenants and brands for your development by analyzing local market trends, pinpointing gaps, and understanding consumer preferences.


Engagement and Activation

Connect with key influencers, craft community-driven content, and launch activations that resonate with their interests.


Performance Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into performance, engagement, and sentiment. Proactively adjust, exceed expectations, and watch your asset flourish.

Powered by billions of data points

Biggest data vault in placemaking

Location Intelligence

Over 106 million POIs tracked, enabling a pulse on global best practices.

Consumer Insights

Over 106 million POIs tracked, enabling a pulse on global best practices.

Sentiment and Contextual Analysis

Deep dive into community feelings, needs, and opinions.

Brand Analytics

Monitoring brand performance, audience, reputation and ESG metrics of 38,000 brands globally.

Cultural Mapping

Cultural, historical, and social data for every postcode, worldwide.

Future Trend Insights

Training our AI with 1,000s of industry and trend reports related to placemaking, to be in alignment with future trends.


Residents, Visitors and Consumers

Elephant + Castle, London

Masterplanning and Community Insights


Consumer Transactions in the Past 3 years

Amsterdamse Poort, Amsterdam

Commercial Strategy Insights


F&B outlets across diverse Cultural Spots

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh

F&B Placemaking Insights

Insights available across any postcode, for any real estate type, enhancing strategic execution.

Traceable, evidence based, laser-focused decision making

Landlords & Developers

Discover hidden potential, optimize land use, attract ideal tenants - achieve maximum value from every project.

Craft spaces that champion social value, prioritize ESG commitments, boost local economies, and spotlight destinations on the global stage

Transformative power of AI in
the real estate sector