Asset Managers

Embedding AI-driven insights into the heart of strategic operations

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Data Analysis & Assessment

Access comprehensive data points on places, performance and people throughout the strategic operations

Synchronized Collaboration

Improve efficiency and collaboration by synchronized collaboration on the main data pool

Strategic Decision Making

Data-backed strategic decision making for maximizing profitability


Comprehensive Data Access

With one-click, access all data points on performance, people, and places, offering a holistic view of assets.

Comparative Analysis

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of assets relative to alternative destinations.

Visitor Sentiment Understanding

Understand visitor feelings and thoughts to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Synchronized Stakeholder Actions

Create a data pool for stakeholders to act in unison, maximizing productivity from tenant acquisition to community building.

Performance Review

Assess occupier performance, contributing to informed decision-making and strategy development.


Embedding ai-driven insights into the heart of strategic operations

Streamline operations, maximize efficiency, ensure future growth